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Women in Science: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers


11 Feb 2024


Women in Science: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers


11 Feb 2024


Dr. Lina Eyouni, Senior Manager – Marine Quality and Monitoring.

As we celebrate the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I am once again reminded of the pivotal role women play in driving innovation, achieving breakthroughs, and inspiring others, especially young girls, to pursue careers in science.

As a Saudi woman scientist, my journey with science began early. My mother, herself a scientist, instilled in our family a deep appreciation for science and education. With a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), I embarked on a less-traveled path, driven by the desire to explore the mysteries of the ocean and contribute to the scientific community.

Physical Oceanography encompasses a diverse range of disciplines. It studies the world’s seas and oceans’ physical and chemical properties, allowing us to understand the complex interactions between the ocean, atmosphere, and marine life, ultimately shaping our understanding of climate change, marine ecosystems, and natural disasters.

Having received my entire education in Saudi Arabia, I am proud to be 100% Saudi-made, and the first Middle Eastern person with a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography. My journey was fueled by unwavering support from my late father, whose belief in my abilities fueled my determination to overcome challenges and pursue excellence in my field

The launch of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 marked a pivotal moment in my career, opening doors to unprecedented opportunities and enabling me to flourish in my passion for oceanography. Through collaborations with institutions like KAUST, contributions to international organizations like the International Maritime Organization, and my work in environmental development at Red Sea Global, I strive to showcase Saudi Arabia's capabilities and expertise on a global stage.

Working as a Senior Manager in the Environmental Quality and Monitoring field, I have embraced new challenges and opportunities to apply my expertise in real-world scenarios. This opportunity has provided me with a supportive environment and the freedom to explore diverse career paths beyond traditional research and academia.

I lead the monitoring of marine and terrestrial abiotic (non-living) environmental parameters within the Red Sea Zone area and help build science-based information to manage the environment and identify and track risks. The collected information helps us build our destinations with people and planet in mind and ensures a sustainable, quality guest experience.

Red Sea Global represents more than just a hospitality company; it symbolizes a platform for scientists like me to thrive and make meaningful contributions to our communities. By embracing diversity and championing women in science, we can create a more inclusive and vibrant scientific community for generations to come.

Being a Saudi woman in science, I am passionate about inspiring young Saudis, especially women, to pursue their dreams and seize the opportunities they are provided. Through my work, I aim to debunk stereotypes and empower young women to pursue scientific leadership roles, becoming agents of change in their communities.

Highlighting female mentors and role models is crucial to inspire young girls to embark on scientific careers. Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, whom I met during the launch of her WAVE initiative to accelerate ocean regeneration efforts, has further ignited my belief in the importance of female mentors. Her positive impact on her community demonstrates the necessity of female role models to encourage more women to take action and chase their dreams.

With a commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientists, I have collaborated with KAUST on a post-graduate diploma program aimed at empowering Saudi graduates with industry-relevant skills. This initiative, funded by KAUST, exemplifies the spirit of innovation and collaboration driving Saudi Arabia's scientific landscape forward.

I believe every individual has a message to share and a valuable contribution to make to the world. It is through discipline, passion, and perseverance that we can turn our dreams into reality, driving progress and innovation in our respective fields.

As I continue to work at the intersection of science and technology with resilience and determination, I hope to see more young women empowered to venture into scientific careers, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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