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Red Sea Global begins development of Turtle Bay residential area


07 Aug 2019


Red Sea Global begins development of Turtle Bay residential area


07 Aug 2019


Prefabrication plants to be built in Saudi Arabia to manage projects

Red Sea Global RSG (formerly known as TRSDC), the master developer behind one of the world’s most ambitious tourism initiatives, has commenced development of the Turtle Bay, a residential and commercial area that will house the workers, staff and management of The Red Sea Project.

Construction of corporate offices is already underway on the Turtle Bay site. Scheduled for completion by Q2 2020, the offices will become the center of operations for the development. They will accommodate 500 people and provide supporting amenities including a 160-seat restaurant and 100-seat auditorium. 

RSG has also signed a contract for construction of the first ten residential apartment buildings within the Turtle Bay. The Turtle Bay will ultimately become home to around 14,000 people who will be employed in roles at the destination when the first phase opens in 2022. The Village will also provide temporary housing for 25,000 workers who will be building the infrastructure and assets. 

“Delivering and operating a destination as ambitious as The Red Sea Project requires a happy, healthy and fulfilled community of people enjoying a high standard of living and the amenities necessary to support a modern lifestyle,” said John Pagano, CEO of Red Sea Global.

“The Turtle Bay will be a vibrant and engaging community combining the highest quality accommodation, environmentally sensitive corporate offices and a wide range of leisure and recreational facilities, all delivered in a way that is fully aligned with our commitment to sustainability.”

The construction partner for the design and build of the management offices is Saudi group Al Majal Al Arabi, which recently signed a separate contract with RSG to build 5,000 residential units for construction workers at the destination.

The offices will have a total floorspace of approximately 7,000 m2 and have been designed in three independent campus elements to take advantage of the unique microclimate at The Red Sea project, maximizing passive shading and ventilation and promoting interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The construction partner for the development of the residential apartments will be Saudi Amana Contracting, a subsidiary of UAE-based Amana Contracting Group, which recently won the contract to design and build a management hotel to serve the Turtle Bay.

The first five apartment buildings are expected to be completed by Q3 2020 and the remaining five by Q4 in the same year, delivering a total of 300 apartments. Some of the properties will initially provide accommodation for the construction workers who will be hired to develop the destination. The apartments will later be repurposed to meet the needs of employees working at the various hotels, commercial and retail assets, entertainment facilities and corporate offices that will make up The Red Sea Project.

Both the offices and the residential apartments will incorporate off-site fabrication and modular construction techniques. This approach enhances quality and safety, reduces the number of construction workers on site and minimizes environmental impact during both fabrication and installation. 

“Our highly sustainable approach to developing the Turtle Bay revolves around building permanent assets and repurposing them, rather than building temporary assets for short-term use,” said Ian Williamson, Chief Project Delivery Officer at Red Sea Global. “Avoiding the construction of temporary assets where possible  both preserves the area’s natural ecosystems and also ensures that everyone who works at the Red Sea Project can enjoy a high standard of living and a healthy working environment.”

The Red Sea Project is on track for completion by the end of 2022, including 14 luxury hotels offering 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts. It will also include a marina, entertainment facilities, an airport, and the necessary supporting logistics and utilities infrastructure. Since announcing the commencement of operations at its Project Base Camp earlier this year, RSG has announced the commencement of construction for its 1 km2 landscape nursery, a 3.3 km crossing to a hub island and 10,000 residential units for construction workers.

About Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global (RSG - is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) ofSaudi Arabia.

RSG is a global multi-project developer, seeking to lead the world towards a more sustainable future, showing how responsible and regenerative development can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment. The protection of natural capital is central to all development decisions, as the organization seeks to create abetter future for all.

A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy, RSG is playing a key role in transforming the nation, by creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector, as it develops built assets and destinations across multiple sectors that make a positive impact for people and planet.

RSG is the visionary company behind some of the world’s most ambitious development ventures, including luxury regenerative tourism destinations such as The Red Sea and AMAALA.

Across its portfolio, RSG leverages the most innovative concepts, strategies, and technologies to deliver projects that actively enhance the wellbeing of customers, communities, and environments.

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