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UPM graduation ceremony


09 May 2024


First students graduate from the Red Sea Global Scholarship program


09 May 2024


  • Delivered in partnership with the University of Prince Mugrin and École hôtelière de Lausanne hospitality business school.

Madinah, 09 May 2024: Red Sea Global (RSG), the multi-project developer behind regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and AMAALA, celebrated the graduation of the first batch of students on the RSG Scholarship program, delivered in partnership with the University of Prince Mugrin (UPM) in Madinah. The graduation ceremony was held at King Salman International Convention Center under the patronage of HRH Prince Mugrin bin Abdulaziz, Honorary President of the University, HRH Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Madinah Region and HRH Prince Faisal bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Bayan Charitable Society for Education, in the presence of students and their families.

A total of 107 students obtained their Bachelor's Degrees in International Hospitality Management, accredited by École hôtelière de Lausanne hospitality business school (EHL), all on full scholarships provided by RSG. 

Through this advanced educational program, RSG aims to develop skills and buildup experiences of future leaders and experts in the field of International Hospitality Management. The integrated curriculum teaches basic knowledge about the hospitality industry, as well as how to apply modern management theories, and includes implementing innovative practical projects. This educational approach is informed by the highest global standards adopted in the hospitality and tourism sectors, ensuring a high-quality educational experience that is suitable for the requirements of the global market.  


"I am delighted to celebrate the graduation of the first batch of RSG’s Scholarship Program, which brought us 107 students in International Hospitality Management with accreditation from the EHL business school. All of them will now work to welcome the world to Saudi Arabia,"
said Ahmad Darwish, Group Chief Administrative Officer at RSG.


Mr. Darwish added: “UPM is making tremendous efforts to provide world-class educational opportunities in various disciplines through innovative academic and research programs in line with the highest international standards. It is effectively contributing to the economic development of the Kingdom by preparing its graduates to face the dynamic changes in various fields of work.”  

Dr. Bander bin Mohammed Hajjar, the President of UPM, said: “The university is proud of its distinguished partnership with Red Sea Global, which contributes to achieving Saudi Vision 2030. Its careful planning focused on two paths: the physical construction of its destinations and preparing the people to manage and operate those destinations. 

“Today, our partnership is reaping the results of that planning with the graduation of 107 students, who will now go directly to working with RSG and its partners after obtaining knowledge, skills and professional certificates in the field of international hospitality and tourism management. Their training included 1,200 hours of live work experience in major hotels in the Middle East. Our university is working with the most prestigious international school in the field of international hospitality management, which is the École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. The university looks forward to taking its partnership with RSG to broader horizons in the future in order to achieve our common goals.” 

RSG has invested greatly in the education of young Saudis. This comes from its belief that they are the best people to embody the values of hospitality and show the beauty of nature in Saudi Arabia to visitors from around the world. That is why, since its inception, it has been working to create leaders and specialists in international hospitality by providing educational programs that combine hospitality industry knowledge, management theories and applied business projects according to international standards, in the field of sustainable hospitality and tourism.     

EHL has a long history in the hotel tourism and hospitality sector, having been founded in 1893, before being developed by the Swiss Association of Hoteliers. Its excellence is reflected in a network of 25,000 alumni from 120 countries, becoming one of the best higher education institutions in offering this specialization academically, and successfully competing with the largest universities around the world. 

In 2023, The Red Sea welcomed its first guests, with three of its hotels now open. The Red Sea International Airport (RSI) has been receiving a regular schedule of domestic flights since September 2023 and international flights began in April 2024, marking the start of a new twice-weekly route between The Red Sea and Dubai International. Desert Rock and Shebara will welcome first guests later this year, while Shura Island is on track to welcome guests in 2025. 

A second destination, Thuwal Private Retreat, located further south will open in the coming weeks. AMAALA remains on track to welcome first guests in 2025, when the first eight resorts complete as part of Triple Bay phase one, along with Corallium and the iconic Yacht Club.

About Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global (RSG - ) is a closedjoint-stockcompany wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) ofSaudiArabia. It is a vertically integrated real estate developer withadiverse portfolio across tourism, residential,experiences,infrastructure, transport, healthcare, and services. Thisincludes theluxury regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea, whichbeganwelcoming guests in 2023, and AMAALA, which remains on track towelcomefirst guests in 2025.
A third destination, Thuwal PrivateRetreat, willopen this year, and RSG has also been entrusted withrefurbishment worksat Al Wajh Airport, focused on upgrading the existingterminal andinfrastructure, and building a new international terminal.RSG is acornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s ambition to diversify its economy.Acrossits growing portfolio of destinations, subsidiaries andbusinesses, RSGseeks to lead the world towards a more sustainablefuture, showing howresponsible development can uplift communities, driveeconomies, andenhance the environment.

RSG is the visionary company behind some of the world’s most ambitious development ventures, including luxury regenerative tourism destinations such as The Red Sea and AMAALA.

Across its portfolio, RSG leverages the most innovative concepts, strategies, and technologies to deliver projects that actively enhance the wellbeing of customers, communities, and environments.

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