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29 Nov 2020


Red Sea Global launches domestic art competition


29 Nov 2020


  • The Red Sea Art Competition aims to engage the Saudi art community and celebrate the natural beauty of The Red Sea destination area.


Riyadh, (29 November 2020): Red Sea Global (formerly known as TRSDC), the developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, has launched an art competition to showcase the diverse natural beauty of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastal areas through the submission of authentic Saudi art.

The competition aims to provide Saudi talent with a platform to present their artwork, with the best pieces set to be used in the decoration of RSG’s 144-room Turtle Bay hotel for staff, contractors and their families, due to open in April 2021.


We are pleased to launch this unique competition intended to document the diverse and exquisite natural beauty of the Red Sea coast. Through this initiative, our goal is to invest in national talent by providing Saudi artists with the opportunity to play an active role in the development of our destination, enriching it with a spectrum of original works of art,”
Said John Pagano, Group CEO of RSG


Registration on RSG’s website is open from 29 November to 24 December 2020. Adults and children are welcome to register and share their art. Entries can be submitted for a wide variety of themes and art mediums in this competition, including fabrics and textures, photography, painting and calligraphy. Fifteen winners will have their artwork showcased in the Coastal Village hotel and will win additional monetary prizes.

The shortlisting and judging process will take place from 27 December 2020 through to 20 January 2021, with the announcement of the winner taking place on 21 January 2021.

“Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country and particularly our destination, which offers diverse landscapes, pristine islands and spectacular marine life. We recognize that talented, home-grown artists are best placed to showcase this natural beauty through their medium of choice,” added Mr Pagano.

The competition is part of RSG’s wider efforts to engage with young Saudis and the local community. The recently concluded Ecotecture competition, invited Saudi architecture students to submit their best designs for the project’s community center, also located in Coastal Village.

In addition, in December RSG is celebrating the first year of its while our scholarship students are set to complete their first year of an International Hospitality Management degree, accredited by Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, at the University of Prince Mugrin in Medina.

The Red Sea destination will welcome its first guests by the end of 2023. The first phase of the development will include 16 luxury hotels offering 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland locations.

It will also include entertainment facilities, an airport, and the necessary supporting logistics and utilities infrastructure. Work is already underway at the destination with the development of key supporting infrastructure and accommodation for the workforce and company employees deployed to manage construction.

About Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global (RSG - is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) ofSaudi Arabia.

RSG is a global multi-project developer, seeking to lead the world towards a more sustainable future, showing how responsible and regenerative development can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment. The protection of natural capital is central to all development decisions, as the organization seeks to create abetter future for all.

A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy, RSG is playing a key role in transforming the nation, by creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector, as it develops built assets and destinations across multiple sectors that make a positive impact for people and planet.

RSG is the visionary company behind some of the world’s most ambitious development ventures, including luxury regenerative tourism destinations such as The Red Sea and AMAALA.

Across its portfolio, RSG leverages the most innovative concepts, strategies, and technologies to deliver projects that actively enhance the wellbeing of customers, communities, and environments.

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