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Seamless Travel at The Red Sea

Why Your Comfort is Our Top Priority?

We are committed to delivering world-leading experiences. Our revolutionary, smart luggage system is an essential part of this offering, ensuring a stress-free, timesaving, and truly seamless travel experience from the moment you arrive. The future of travel is here.

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Through smart solutions, we aim to transform the airport experience. By providing seamless luggage handling for smooth and effortless journeys, we are elevating our luxury offering at both The Red Sea and Amaala destinations, while enhancing security and driving efficiency.

World Travel Awards 2023
Red Sea International Airport shone at the World Travel Awards 2023 with three wins – the World’s Best Smart Hospitality Project, the Middle East’s Best Smart Airport Project, and the Middle East's Leading Tourism Development Project – for our incredible smart luggage management system. 
A special thanks to the Technology, Smart Destination, and Digital Experience teams for making this possible.
World Travel Awards 2023
Red Sea International Airport (RSI) secured three prestigious awards at the World Travel Tech Awards 2023 for its innovative smart luggage management system. Our Technology team’s hard work won RSI awards for the World's Best Smart Hospitality Project 2023, the Middle East's Best Smart Airport Project 2023, and the Middle East's Leading Tourism Development Project 2023.

This success was achieved through overcoming significant challenges, culminating in the timely delivery of an advanced AI-driven analytics platform. The story of their achievement stands as a testament to the power of collaboration among brilliant minds with a unified vision.

Smart Luggage

Travel Experience

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    Luggage Check-in

    At check-in, flight information is seamlessly captured and forwarded to the Airlines Departure Control System. Bag tags are generated and attached to guests’ luggage
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    Arrival to RSI

    Upon arrival at Red Sea International (RSI), guests are asked for accommodation details, which are updated in the Smart Luggage Hub for baggage sorting
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    Hassle Free

    Guests proceed to chauffeurs while luggage is scanned and loaded on to the correct delivery vehicle
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    Bag Tags Tracking

    Pre-mapped routes ensure smooth transitions – such as land to boat to island – while bag tags enable proper tracking
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    Delivery to Your Room

    Luggage delivery is signed off at the hotel and the baggage is delivered to the guest’s room
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    Delivery to RSI

    For the return journey, guests can conveniently check in their baggage at the hotel. A new bag tag is issued and the reverse process starts for safe luggage delivery to RSI



Time saving

Skip long check-in lines and baggage claim delays, saving precious time for exploration and relaxation.

Less stress

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your belongings are securely handled throughout your journey.


Enjoy the freedom to explore destinations without the burden of luggage, enhancing your travel experience.


Experience swift and seamless luggage handling, minimizing the risk of delays or misplacements thanks to advanced tracking and secure storage for the protection of your possessions.

The Future of Seamless Luggage 

The Smart Luggage Hub is the technological brain behind the system, processing flight information and ensuring smooth transitions.



In conclusion, a seamless luggage journey revolutionizes the way we travel, making the entire process smoother, stress-free, and enjoyable.
By entrusting your luggage to professional handlers, you gain the freedom to explore new destinations without being burdened by heavy bags.
The time and energy saved by opting for a seamless luggage journey allow you to focus on creating lasting memories and treasured experiences during your travels.
Embrace the future of travel and elevate your journey with the seamless luggage experience. Bon voyage!