Mona Saud Siraj
Associate Director of Public Relations

Mona Siraj is the Associate Director of Public Relations at two of the leading giga projects in Saudi Arabia, The Red Sea Project and AMAALA which are part of Vision 2030’s ambitious blueprint for the future.  

At TRSDC, Siraj is leveraging from 20 years of experience in media, strategic communications and international, regional and local PR. She now leads the Arabic speaking media and media relations based in Saudi Arabia and the region to spread awareness about theses new destinations. 

Prior to her current role, Siraj held the position of a Media and Communications Consultant in one of the Saudi governmental interties. Previous to that, Siraj was the managing editor of Rotana Media Group where she was responsible for creating, monitoring, developing and planning content for the TV channels. 

She also occupied the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Hia Magazine, the leading luxury magazine in the Arab world and prior to this position, Siraj spent four years leading nine magazines as the managing editor for the number one women magazine in the Arab world, Sayidaty Magazine. In her media roles, Siraj dedicated herself and her team to highlighting Saudi women achievements, and the challenges they face in their lives, careers and the society. She also gave a voice to young Saudi entrepreneurs to promote their innovative ideas and projects. Siraj also gave close attention to the people and the planet where she launched numerous media campaigns and CSR initiatives to solve the issues we are facing today. 

Siraj is a former TV presenter at one of the leading Saudi lifestyles shows on The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) airing from Beirut. The show discussed Saudi social issues, Saudi and Arab youth and Lifestyle. This is where Siraj became familiar face in the region as she was one of the first Saudi women to present on TV. 

Additionally, Siraj presented two radio shows targeting the Saudi community one of which was dedicated to those interested in the Saudi stock market and the analysis behind it. The second was to those who are interested in the Saudi culture and heritage and the latest updates in the Saudi art scene. 

She holds a B.A in political sciences from the University of Jordan, Amman.