Souq Amerah

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Amerah Souq will be launched as one of RSG’s Socioeconomic Empowerment projects. It is the first market to highlight the authentic products of Umluj aiming to upskill local businesses, and enhance the current offerings to build local sourcing capacity by providing a direct market for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is a local market where farmers, craftsmen and artists showcase and sell different foods, merchandise, crafts and other products in a fun, lively and entertaining atmosphere.

Amerah Souq will also celebrate the local culture through a series of traditional musical performances, and cultural heritage workshops in the "Tent of Tales".

Amerah Souq is planned to be operated for 3 months on a weekly basis (every Friday), where vendors will be chosen and rotated to maximize the benefit of the Souq, diversify the offerings, and provide equal opportunity for all participants.

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65% of locals are looking forward to more cultural activations

57% are looking for more support for local SMEs

Learn about the local produce and goods available

Test the feasibility for future phases of a local Souq

Establish a platform to develop local vendors

Root the destination to the local heritage

Gain insights into the appeal of Souq Amerah and its products to tourists, our employees, and the local community

Strengthen our data on local vendors and market performance that showcase current capabilities