Environmental Baseline Survey

Wildlife and Ecosystems of the Red Sea coast

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The Red Sea coastline of Saudi Arabia is rich in flora and fauna. We have a responsibility to protect this diverse native wildlife and ensure the environment is prioritized in a sensitive and considered way.

To achieve this, we carried out the largest ever environmental survey by a development company to comprehensively analyze the populations and habitats of the charming species that inhabit over 200km of vibrant Red Sea coastline that sit within our flagship destination – The Red Sea Project.

This analysis is the baseline for honoring our ambition to deliver meaningful net conservation benefits by 2040, through the protection and enhancement of key habitats crucial to biodiversity.

We are committed to sustainability and transparency and will regularly measure our success against key targets in the conservation and protection of the local environment.

To learn more about the incredible animals that call the Red Sea home, as well as the fascinating findings of genuine importance beyond our own shores, please download our Baseline Survey below.