Brains for Brine

Where solutions do not yet exist for sustainability challenges, we are looking to identify the innovators and experts that can help us solve them. Population growth, economic development and rapid urbanization in areas with little fresh water have led to an increase in the use of desalination technologies as a solution. However, left-over at the end of the desalination process is brine, a salty waste by-product.

The lack of natural fresh water in the Middle East means that the region has the highest concentration of desalination plants and produces over half of global brine effluent. However, managing this by-product in a manner that is both sustainable and commercially viable poses a significant challenge.

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Our ambition is to create a truly one of a kind luxury tourism destination that sets new standards in sustainability. It is why, in April 2019, we launched the Brains for Brine Challenge, challenging academics, scientists, engineers and the water industry to come up with innovative new solutions to manage the disposal of brine as a waste product of water desalination – a long-standing environmental challenge facing the scientific community.

In November 2019, we were pleased to announce the three winners of the Brains for Brine Challenge at an Aquatech event during Amsterdam International Water, with each winning entry receiving a prize of $10,000 to fund their research.